Many times I've stood in a street or a square in Europe or wherever and wondered what events had occurred or which people had passed by this very place. It's a bit like walking into a ruined castle and trying to imagine what it was like when people actually lived in it.

It's rare that the reality is as nice as the imagined I'm sure.

Sergei Larenkov has taken a group of photos taken during WW2 and the siege of Leningrad and merged them with present day shots using as exact as possible the same perspective.

You can find all of them here. Fantastic stuff




If you like all of this sort then have a peek at some other similar stuff I posted previously.


Mitch said…
Wow!! That is a very cool idea.. I too think the same things when I have walked through historic areas on my travels..

Great post Stu!
Stu said…
yeah I love it, I have a heap of old Perth pics and I keep saying I'll go and rephotograph em.....I really should