15 October 2016


Yep, now top of my list of best cities in the world for architecture. I found it to be pretty laid back compared to say New York and the like. Would go back...

Chicago 1
Chicago 8
Chicago 5
Chicago 3
Chicago 2
Chicago 9
Chicago 7
Chicago 4

14 October 2016

13 October 2016


It's pretty much a one street town where the majority of the stores are closed or boarded up, but at one end of the main st there were a couple of gems. An old hole in the wall gas station and a Dairy King inside another old gas station. Despite its small stature, Commerce has a couple of claims to fame. Firstly it was the home town of the famous baseball player Mickey Mantle and secondly, Bonnie and Clyde killed one of Commerce's police officers in 1934.

This place is classic small town America and I loved it...

Commerce 01
An old Conoco Gas Station built out of a wall of the last building on the main st.
Commerce 05
Commerce 04
Dairy King 02
This was once a Marathon Co Gas Station and now run as an ice cream parlour
Dairy King 01
natch we had to have a sundae
The gas station back in the day
Commerce 03
The main st (Route 66) of Commerce, Oklahoma

09 October 2016


While I sat and rested during a visit to the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art I couldn't help but notice that people were making art right in front of me. I would have liked to have been able to frame them better but I only had my iPhone with me. Photo series taken over a 15 minute period.

Window 1
Window 2
Window 3
Window 4
Window 5
Window 6
Window 7
Window 8

08 October 2016


I have been away, a long way away, so far away that ... I have no idea where this is heading so I'll stop this chain of thought right now. I've been hanging out in the USA for most of September. Hence a serious lack of blog posts of late, that will all change now as you are all inundated with travel pics, prepare yourself, I'll be gentle, it'll be fun.

I was thinking of posting in chronological order, but that's a bit horrifically like a travel blog format and I wouldn't subject that on anyone here. Instead it'll just be random stuff as it comes to mind or as I post photos to Flickr. I have a lot less photos this time round, mostly because I made a conscious effort not to view my holiday through the lens of a camera, something I witnessed a lot of people do. I mean honestly, I could never take a good photo of Old Faithful in full blast, I can see than in google images anytime I want, better to enjoy the moment. Well I would have if I could have seen through the thousands of arms and cameras doing exactly the opposite.

So where to begin? Three exciting moments included, being chased off of a property by the owners despite it being a tourist stop, being involved in a pharmacy robbery in San Francisco and then enjoying a gunmen siege 2 blocks from my hotel, again in San Francisco. I have no photos of the later two events but I sure do of the first, albeit bad ones.

This trip was a continuation and completion of the Route 66 trip I and two mates began back in 2012, we did the LA to OK City leg then and this one was the OK City to Chicago section. So a few days into the drive we arrive in a place called Union, Missouri and we spot a couple of tacky Tee Pee structures off to the side of the road, we are big on kitsch so these looked like an awesome spot to get some. As we pulled into the neat driveway that turned out to be the car park for the Indian Harvest Trading Post I heard some yelling. Then I deciphered the yelling "Get the fuck out of our car park"...

Huh? What? Why? "Get off of our property before we call the police" 

Now this took a bit of comprehending, because this is a tourist stop and we're bona fide tourists and well, just what the hell was happening? Then I saw her, a crazy looking woman screaming at us as she exited one of the Tee Pees, then I saw another person, this time a guy armed with a video camera, walking straight at us very quickly and yelling at us to "get out". I yelled at my buddy to "GO!" and we hauled arse out of there, I managed to grab a few quick and bad pics of the incident as we left. It was after we left that we realised that the guy was now following us in his pick up truck. Eventually he stopped and we kind of calmed down from our nervous laughter fits and continued along Route 66.

So what the actual fuck was that? Well it wasn't until I got back home that I did some research and it seems that this is a common experience for everyone who visits this place. Have a read of the Tripadvisor reviews of this place to see what I mean (Including mine, which is likely the most recent one). Every review pretty much mirrors this story. These two people obviously have some mental health issues and whilst it's funny looking back, it isn't really fun for anyone at the time. I mean if that camera had been a gun... well I don't want to be overly dramatic, but still. Ahhh America, you never fail to disappoint.

28 August 2016


This is an iconic photo from my hometown, taken on New Years Eve in 1939 at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia by the photographer Fred Flood. Nobody has been able to identify the guy being tossed into the air by his mates until now... possibly.

22 August 2016


Since I opened my shop in Inglewood I've come to realise that I am part of a change that is happening in this area. New businesses like mine are moving in, the strip is becoming a place that people want to visit, eat and shop in. Of course with the arrival of the new often the old is sacrificed. It's not happening on a large scale yet, but I thought I should slap on my urban archaeologist hat and start documenting some of the old stuff before it does go... if it does, who knows.


15 August 2016


I just now read that Fan Ho passed away back in June, he was an incredible photographer (and film director and actor). In particular his street life photos of 1950's Hong Kong... I'll let the photos do the talking, you can google him to see more, well worth it.

04 August 2016


Up until 2 days ago I had never heard of Matisyahu, but that's all changed now. I've spent a few hours skimming his back catalogue. What an interesting dude, he's evolved a lot over the years both in his appearance and his music. Wikipedia describes him as a Jewish American reggae vocalist, beatboxer, and alternative rock musician. Hell of a mouthful but it's pretty apt.

I'll drop a few videos here which show the diversity/evolution of him/his music. Kind of in reverse order though with the most recent first...

01 August 2016

31 July 2016


I know I keep saying I'll blog more, that this is a temporary glitch due to me opening a new business and having not much spare time. But I can't see that changing anytime soon, so posts on here will be less frequent. But to be honest, even without the new venture I had dropped off on my regular updating quite some time ago. Why? I'm not sure really, I mean I want to keep blogging, I've been doing it for 11 and a half years. I see no need to stop, I don't want to stop, there I said it, I wont stop. I know a few people read my dribble and that's great, but it's never been about the audience (I do love both of you though, please send cash only), this blog has really just been my online diary and inadvertently the online diary of a lot of my friends. Their lives have unfolded on here as well and a few of them recognise that and use it for reference. My life has changed immeasurably over those years too, I think I have less to say these days or perhaps I'm just saying it elsewhere, I dunno. Even this is just dribble.

So that's that then, I'll keep bogging, that's confirmed. I just need to do it more often than once every 2 weeks or so.... Hmmm reading the previous sentence I can't help but think to the many blogs I've followed over the years who have made a post like this, where they've promised to blog more, "It's not all over, it'll keep going...". Does this mean I'm one of them now? Oh man, now I'm feeling sad, this isn't how it was supposed to end!

Anyway, here's wonderwall...

20 July 2016


Wow! Two weeks since my last post, my excuse is that those have been a full on two weeks. I opened my new store down in Inglewood and have been sleep deprived up until a few days ago. To reward myself I ate some fav food in a fav restaurant in Northbridge and then wandered in the rain to get some gelato, oh and I snapped a few pics on the way...

Brass Monkey
Chicho Gelato

bonus night shot, Perth City Council House sporting Le Tricolor the day after the Nice attack

Le Tricolor